SunPower – Superior Power Systems

Why SunPower® Grid Connect Power Systems?

SunPower ® offers the most powerful and efficient panels in the world – their panels produce up to 50% more power than conventional panels and up to 100% more than thin-film technology. This means for each square metre of roof area covered with SunPower ® panels compared with other brands, you enjoy greater savings on your electricity bill.

SunPower ® can meet and even exceed your energy needs by using the minimal amount of roof space, so minimising the impact of the visual appeal of your home. The exclusive SunPower ® Maxeon ™ cell technology means their panels are uniformly smooth, dark and free of metal grid lines. These attractive panels blend harmoniously with any architectural style and are visually appealing to merge stylishly into any neighbourhood.

Product guarantee

Furthermore, SunPower® panels are backed by the industry’s best warranty:

  • 25 year guarantee on panels and workmanship.
  • 25year guarantee on power output.
  • 10 year SMA inverter warranty (standard).
  • 15 year mounting system warranty.

That means no worries or maintenance hassles.

SunPower Ultimate Power Systems Image


*Conditions apply, based on Perth metropolitan installation November 2012, single story, full details in store.

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