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Solar E Terms and Conditions
  1. All advertising information depicted as accurate at time of printing.
  2. All promotional and advertised prices are subject to Western Power connection approval.
  3. All promotional and advertised prices are subject to the transfer of the applicable STC’s (Small Technology Certificates) to Solar E Pty Ltd to reflect the advertised sale price with standard installation.
  4. The value of the STC’s has been used as a Discount/Rebate at POS (point of sale) to arrive at customer final purchase price.
  5. The value of the STC will be honoured for upto 4 weeks from your quote date.
  6. All promotional and advertised prices included GST.
  7. Offers are valid for Perth Metropolitan areas only, Regional areas are quoted on a case by case application and will include travel charges.
  8. “Price Includes Installation” is based on a standard installation;
    1.  Perth Metro
    2.  Single storey roof
    3. Less than 30 degree pitch
    4. Single phase electrical connection
    5. Easy access.
  9. Pictures of products illustrated are only for adverting purposes and may not represent the product supplied if this has been superseded or replaced by the supplier a replacement product of the same function and capability may be substituted.
  10. Information is accurate at time of printing.
  11. Stock holding is accurate at time of printing.
  12. Offers may be limited due to supply by the Manufacturer, Solar E will raincheck product for only 4 weeks post promotional date but may substitute with a similar product of the same or greater value.
February Triple Bonus Offer 2013
  • ½ (Half) Kilowatt of panels, has an RRP of $500.  The free 2 x 250w Panel applies to all confirmed purchases of 2kw,2.5kw, 3kw, 4kw and 5kw size systems only.
  • $200 Free energy is calculated on CEC (Clean Energy Council) average performance of a 1kw system facing north in Perth Metro area producing an average daily output of 4.4kwh of power. The advertised bonus is ½ or 0.5kw this will produce 2.2kwh at current Synergy domestic Perth tariff of $0.259c per unit of power purchased. Thus average daily potential is $0.259c x 2.2kwh x 365 days = $207.97 of potential power savings is available to be used in the household. Note excess power produced is sent back to the grid.
  • The bonus 2 x 250w panels are supplied free of charge on achieving the above system sizes at the agreed RRP/Sell price. The value of the STC will not be calculated in the purchase or sell price.  The STC value of the bonus 2 x 250w panels is retained by Solar E Pty Ltd and cannot be used to further reduce the agreed fully installed price offer.
  • A free 5kw Inverter upgrade is only available on single phase 3kw and 4kw systems purchased.
  • The free upgrade inverter will be a 5kw afore single phase model HNS5000TL-1. If stock unavailable a similar size and or model will be substituted.
  • Promotion offer timing from 1 Feb to 28 Feb 2014 and is confirmed on a signed Solar E sales quote/invoice.
Rheem Solar Hot Water $500 Debit Card Promotion

The Offer

  • $500 (inc GST) Cash‐back for eligible Rheem 300lt Thermosiphon models   $250 (inc GST) Cash‐back for eligible Rheem 180lt Thermosiphon models

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only open to Australian residents who purchase and fully pay for any ‘EligibleRheem Solar Water Heater for their domestic/residential use between 2nd February 11th  April 2014 inclusive.
  • For the purpose of this promotion, “purchase” is defined as fully paid for with zero balance owing. The proof of purchase (i.e. a valid tax invoice) must include model purchased and the  name of the claimant. Claimant’s only full name must appear on proof of purchase to verify ownership and entitlement to claim.
  • The Promoter is “Rheem Australia Pty Ltd”.
  • Purchases for and in the name of trusts, companies, businesses, commercial or residential developers/developments and purchases by subcontractors, installers and resellers are not  eligible. Employees and their immediate families of the Promoter and its agencies including participating retailers and dealers associated with this promotion are ineligible to claim.
  • No extensions to the promotional period will be offered.
  • Only eligible product purchased directly from an Authorised Rheem Solar Specialist qualifes for this promotion. Purchases of eligible product made through trade stores, plumbers, or any other outlet do not qualify for this promotion.
  • “Eligible Product” is any new Rheem Solar system of the following model types:
    • L11, L32 & L33 Australis or Australis 10 System
    • L11, L32 & L33 Titan System
    • LX11, LX32, & LX33 Australis or Australis 10 System
    • LX11, LX32, & LX33 Titan System
  • To claim, applicants must either;

i) Print off and fully complete and the redemption form. Redemption form can be found online at www.rheem.com.au/energy‐bill. Redemption forms are also available from  selected Rheem Solar Specialists. The complete form and the required proof of purchase (including model and serial number) should be mailed to Rheem Debit Card Promotion,  PO Box 95, Welshpool WA 6986, to be received by 5:00pm (AWST) 30th April 2014. Or,

ii) Complete the online redemption form that can be found at www.rheem.com.au/energy‐ bill‐claim.

  • Only one claim permitted per household.
  • Any redemption form which is incomplete, invalid, or does not comply with the Terms and  Conditions outlined will not be accepted and is ineligible for the Promotion.
  •   The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected entries.   Any cost associated with accessing the promotional website is the Entrant’s responsibility  and is dependent on the Internet service provider used.
  • The cash back payment will be in the form of a debit card posted direct to the purchaser’s  residence. Please allow up to 6 weeks from the date all required paperwork is received by  the Promoter for the payment to be despatched.
  • In the event Debit Cards are not available, the promoter reserves the right to pay eligible  claims by Cheque or Direct Debit.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer during the same period, unless  prior agreement has been made between the individual Rheem Solar Specialist and the  consumer.
  • No volume or trade type purchases are eligible or may be offered this option unless the  company has agreed in writing prior.
  • No further discount, cash, credit or goods of other types will be offered in lieu of this offer.


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