Commercial Solar Power

Solutions for freehold or leasehold premises.

The Solar E team has been assisting customers in reducing their energy bills for over 4 years. As we are Western Australian owned and run, you can be assured that Solar E have your best interests in mind when we help you choose the right system for you.

  • Our current in-house Installation teams are fully qualified and lead by Licensed Electricians with solar installation experience.
  • The teams all have CEC accreditation (Clean Energy Council)
  • The Australian Government has a commitment that is still supporting solar initiatives with huge rebates which reduce your overall cost of installing a Solar Power System.
  •  Solar E is a licensed REC trader so we have the ability to discount the Government Rebate (Incentive) directly off your quoted price as a service to our customers.
  •  Advances in Solar technology have both reduced manufacturing costs and improved product performance to make investing in Solar Power an affordable option for all businesses.
  •  Solar E is associated with top manufacturers based in Australia and internationally, in both Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot water Systems.
  • By adding a Solar Power System it may assist in ensuring that you will be less affected by Energy supplier increases into the future.
  •  Finance Options are now easily available for commercial solar applications

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