Hot Water Systems – Perth, Western Australia

There is nothing pleasant about being the 5th person in the shower in the morning, only to find the water has gone cold. A hot shower is a pleasant luxury in the morning. It helps us shake off the shackles of sleep and prepare for the day.

SolarE, based in Perth, Western Australia, offer systems that provide more hot water at a consistent flow of water – even when you run multiple hot water taps throughout the household, it won’t affect the temperature or pressure.

If you’re had unreliable hot water systems in the past – the flame on your gas system going out, the electric system that is tepid – you know exactly how frustrating it can be, especially in the coldest days of the year.

SolarE have electric and gas hot water systems will meet the needs of the most demanding household. They stock AquaMAX, which is not only more thermally efficient than other systems, which reduces your energy cost, but has a 10 year warranty for its stainless steel cylinder and 5 for its vitreous cylinder.

Gas Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX gas water heaters operate at a thermal efficiency that is over 84%. As a result they create less greenhouse emissions, delivering considerable savings with reduced gas consumption over the life of the unit. The stainless steel and vitreous enamel cylinders are backed by a 10 year (Stainless Steel) or 5 year (vitreous) cylinder warranty, making them a great investment for your home.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Unlike other electric water heater systems, AquaMAX is highly efficient in at keeping family in steaming hot water. The systems are built to last in Australian conditions and are backed with a 5 year warranty.

For more information about Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot Water, contact us today, or come and visit us at our display showroom at 153 Belmont Ave, Belmont, WA.

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