Commercial Solar Power

Using solar power is a prudent business decision as it lowers overheads and generates a ROI

Solutions for Freehold or Lease hold premises.

  • 10KW- 500KW systems designed to enable huge savings on electricity usage.
  • In house CEC accredited designers, electricians and installation teams.
  • Free consultation and quotation on system to meet your individual business needs.
  • Investing in a solar system provides a safer, higher return than almost any other type of investment with a typical system achieving a ROI of over 25%.
  • Our customers receive free consultancy and assistance with any additional government grants and incentives available.
  • Lease a system with monthly payments less than what you are currently paying your energy retailer for the units of power produced by the system.

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System Size & Design, The Solar E way:

This will be different for each business requirement.

We at Solar E believe in an initial upfront consultation which is designed to assist in determining a number of important factors.

  • Overall energy usage
  • Available roof space and capability to place a Solar Power System on your commercial property
  • A design that fits your overall budget
  • Expected payback or return on investment — ROl
  • Commercial system sizes can vary from as little as 3kw up to and over 100kw
  • Optional locations such as rood or ground mounted systems.

Commercial Solar PV System Energy Generation

System Size (kW) Energy Generated per Year (kWh) Average Energy Generated per Day (kWh)
20 32,120 88
30 48,180 132
50 80,300 220
80 128,480 352
100 160,600 440

Calculation based on Perth, 1 kw panel will produce average 4.4 units per day.Table 1 shows the estimated performance of PV system in Perth. The output shown is based on a system with low or no shading, at direct sunlight with true north orientation. The simulated values can vary from your system according to the different type of installation and weather conditions. Therefore this table is to act as a guide.

Banner-4 30 KW System Borello Cheese, Oakford
From initial energy usage audit through assistance with an additional grant application which was successful. Customer now set to save over $17,000 per year.
Solar Rebates 2 40KW System, Supa Chips, Spearwood
Customer had been looking for a way to reduce power consumption and costs for a long time.System will pay for itself in under 4 years.
baldivis 100KW System, BaldivisDesign will offset grid consumption by 180,000 units of electricity per year.

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