SolarE – Solar Panels Specialists in Perth WA

We are one of Perth’s leading solar panel companies. We offer the best brands for solar power systems and solar hot water systems. Visit our display showroom today at 1/153 Belmont Ave, Belmont WA, 6104.

Did you know that Perth has more sunny days per year than any other capital in Australia? With this sort of statistic, it is surprising why more Western Australian’s are not taking advantage of the fantastic resource of the sun by installing a solar panels from SolarE

How do solar panels work?

Solar energy systems use technology, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels (more commonly known as solar panels) to harness the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

Recent advances in solar technology have both reduced manufacturing costs and improved product performance, making solar power an affordable option for most homeowners.

By installing solar panels in your Perth home, you can supply your home with most of your electricity needs, which reduces your energy bill. Better still, solar energy is environmentally friendly and lessens your carbon footprint.

Visit our display showroom today at 1/153 Belmont Av, Belmont, WA or have a chat with one of our solar experts on which product is right for you.


Why Choose Us

  • Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are on hand to discuss your individual solar needs.
  • We will make sure the product you choose will suit your circumstances and budget.
  • The Solar E team have been assisting customers in reducing their energy bills for over four years.
  • Solar E is a Western Australian owned and run business.
  • Our current in-house installation teams are fully qualified and led by licensed electricians with solar installation experience.
  • The teams all have CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation.
  • The Australian Government supports solar initiatives with huge rebates to reduce your overall cost of installing a Solar Power System.
  • Solar E is a licensed REC trader, so we have the ability to discount the Government Rebate (Incentive) directly off your quoted price as a service to our customers.
  • Solar E is associated with top manufacturers based in Australia and internationally, in both Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot water Systems.
  • Finance Options are now easily available for energy saving solar applications.
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